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What is the Southeast KY Healthcare Coalition (SEKY HCC)?

The SEKY HCC is one of eight healthcare coalitions managed by the Kentucky Department for Public Health Preparedness Branch and funded through a grant from the Administration for Strategic Preparedness Response (ASPR). Healthcare coalitions play a critical role in developing healthcare system preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities.

Deployable Resources

The SEKY HCC maintains a cache of resources throughout the Cumberland Valley Region to deploy in the event of an emergency incident. These include medical surge trailers, generators, heat/air units, HEPA air filter units, evacuation equipment, scene lighting, high-speed mobile network device, and more.

Business Meeting

Who is in the Southeast KY Healthcare Coalition (SEKY HCC)?

The SEKY HCC is comprised of multiple organizations including hospitals, local health departments, emergency management agencies, emergency medical services, fire/rescue agencies, non-governmental disaster response agencies, long-term care facilities, home health services, outpatient services, dialysis centers, mental health services and many other healthcare and community partners.

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Why should your organization be a member of the SEKY HCC?

You will build stronger relationships with other healthcare organizations and emergency response agencies within the region. Your organization will be able to participate in joint planning, preparedness, training, and exercise activities. These activities may also help your organization meet CMS and accreditation requirements. There is no cost and only benefits to being a member. Have a representative(s) from your organization or agency attend one of our SEKY HCC general membership meetings. 

Executive Committee 

Teresa Cobb, Co-Chair/Team Lead
Lonnie Saylor, Co-Chair
Lori Coots, Team Lead
Joe Isaac, Clinical Advisor
Gail Timperio, Healthcare Preparedness and Coalition Coordinator
Rebecca Patton, Regional Preparedness Coordinator
Justin Noe, Emergency Management Representative
Jamey Mills, Emergency Medical Services Representative
Donnie Johnson, Sr. Living Communities Representative 

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